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Reflejos de mi tierra´s limited rug collection is exceptional. There aren’t rugs similar to ours in today’s market.

Designed by Maria Valeria Garcia, rugs are handmade with 100% pure fine hand spun sheep wool from the Andes, in natural colors or dyed with organic elements and woven on traditional manual loom by our talented artisans in Argentina.

Our Bespoke service allows you to order tailor-made rugs. This is the best way to get the right rug you are looking for.

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Quebrachillo rug - RDMT-RUGS_215Quebrachillo rug - RDMT-RUGS_215Atardecer en el pedemonte rug - RDMT-RUGS_348Atardecer en el pedemonte rug - RDMT-RUGS_348Mar de las Pampas – RDMT-RUGS_010Mar de las Pampas – RDMT-RUGS_010Huantata rug – RDMT-RUGS_490Huantata rug – RDMT-RUGS_490Cruz del Sur rug - RDMT-RUGS_347Cruz del Sur rug - RDMT-RUGS_347Calingasta rug - RDMT-RUGS_353Calingasta rug - RDMT-RUGS_353Lapacho rug - RDMT-RUGS_358Lapacho rug - RDMT-RUGS_358Laguna de Guanacache rug - RDMT-RUGS_352Laguna de Guanacache rug - RDMT-RUGS_352Pucará rug - RDMT-RUGS_036Pucará rug - RDMT-RUGS_036Guayacán rug - RDMT-RUGS_051Guayacán rug - RDMT-RUGS_051Los Arrayanes rug - RDMT-RUGS_099Los Arrayanes rug - RDMT-RUGS_099Talampaya rug - RDMT-RUGS_018Talampaya rug - RDMT-RUGS_018Cedro misionero rug - RDMT-RUGS_064Cedro misionero rug - RDMT-RUGS_064


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